Please read the following information about what is included in your VC LASH Toolset.

Please rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality product.

Realistic expectations

You should keep in mind that using the VC LASH Wedge is a method that will need to be practised. You will be used to your way of applying lashes and learning to use a new tool can be frustrating.

My advice to you is to practice, practice, practice and in no time you will be mastering the VC LASH Wedge and halving your applying time.

We provide 100% after sales service so please get in touch by emailing as we are here for you!

Quality of Practice

Practising on paying clients can lead to frustration as you put pressure on yourself to provide a service in a timely manner. It is so important to give yourself quality practice. Use family and friends to practice on that provides a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere allowing you to feel comfortable and achieve that repetition required to master the VC LASH Wedge without having to rush.


Along with the quality of practice, it is important to be aware that quantity is just as essential. To drive a new motor skill into the subconscious and make it automatic, your skill training needs to take place over multiple days during the week.

Whilst everyone learns at a different pace it may be helpful to remember how long it took you to become a professional lash tech.


The VC LASH Wedge is a skill that needs to be learned. No refunds are provided on the basis that you need to practice to learn the tool and develop the skills to become a faster lash tech.

Does it work?

Is it true it that working with the wedge and method of the VC LASH Toolset actually makes classic semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions easier and faster?

You bet your boots! Our company didn’t achieve high profile investors for our looks! The VC LASH Wedge and method has been witnessed many times by companies, lash techs, business mentors and investors to prove its value proposition of successfully halving the time application of SPIEE (Individual Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions) in comparison to the average time it takes for any lash technician to complete a full set of (inner to outer part of eye) 180 Synthetic lashes within in 30 minutes or less with the VC LASH Toolset.

Why is it so darn expensive?

Have you ever dreamed of inventing something to be designed, manufactured and made available for sale to the word? If so I need not explain to you the cost of Engineers, Designers, Manufactures, Investors, Testing, Team, Marketing, sacrifice and years of dedication to take anything to get to that stage.

We have a niche market only to a percentage of the Lash trade, which means we have to take into account that our Toolsets are not based on volume sales.

The benefits of being a Professional Lash technician can have the advantage of having low overheads. Unless you own a salon, a lash kit can do up to 30 x clients which could cost up to $150 or less. In comparison to a hairdresser, a pair of scissors can cost up to $800 or more, and that’s just the scissors, even then most hairdressers seek to upgrade each year on that one item.

Negative feedback

If you are in the profession of only being in the lash trade and accustomed to paying low costs for products then the price of our tool-set may offend some, which has unfortunately resulted in negative feedback.

We do not hard sell our toolset. We provide an option, nobody has to buy it, and of course, it works and lives up to its purpose once you have developed the necessary skill. Those with unrealistic expectations who have not followed our guidelines are also amongst our negative feedbackers.


We offer online support, DVD tutorial and organised Skype sessions to do a personal one on one, it is our goal as much as yours to achieve and develop the necessary skill with the tool-set for your business to become more productive as it is to our own credibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries we can personally assist you with on


It looks new and shiny and its half price? They say you should be honoured to have other companies copy you? However, copies can look similar BUT are very much different in the dynamics and details to how the VC LASH Wedge works which is critical in the meticulous details of eyelashes and how the Natural lashes sit on the wedge. Animated videos how another companies tool works is false and misleading, It is animated for just that reason the company that sells it cannot work it or prove that it actually does make the application of Semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions easier or faster. BEWARE it takes time, practice and perseverance to develop motor skills with such devices, don’t waste your time on copies not proven to work.
VC LASH PTY LTD is committed to innovation in the beauty sector, we don’t normally sell products other lash companies provide for purchase, and our team is constantly working on new and improved ways we can make the Lash profession easier and more productive.
Ideas listed on our Facebook page.


I have no superpowers and video demonstrations done by VC LASH PTY LTD are edited for quality viewing and are not time lapsed.

If I can develop this skill with the wedge then you can too! The benefits of a quicker and easier option is not only more fun but a better business investment and not to mention a relief!

Archived YouTube video

Please note that there is an archive YouTube video dating back to 2012 showing the VC LASH WEDGE being used with a Pink Silicon Triangle. After much personal research and feedback, we discovered that the VC LASH Gel Tape is a far superior product and now replaces the Pink Silicon Triangle.

The Pink Silicon Triangle was discontinued in 2014 and is no longer available. The VC LASH Gel Tape holds back the lashes with little to no trauma to the skin or lashes whilst providing excellent adhesion.