VC LASH is led by the vision to create unique innovative tools and fixtures for the beauty trade in the application of eyelash extensions and to deliver a suite of products which will enhance the experience for you and your clients.

Our business is about making your business grow. The VC LASH Toolset was engineered after years researching and testing other devices around the world that have failed in their application claim.

This revolutionary system has been proven to be effective and productive in the art of applying individual lashes.

Introducing Juanita Mariee

Juanita graduated in fine arts then moved on to achieve a diploma of commercial photography. She worked for Fairfax for many years as a professional photographer and picture editor.
Creativity and innovation is a big part of her personality.


“Eyes were always my main focus in this medium and how to enhance them was a professional passion and career.”

In 2008, Juanita discovered the art of individual eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are the perfect way to enhance a women’s attributes. Though the actual motive she had behind the look was the way a woman could feel about looking good and feeling good.

“The real reward was seeing how much more confident a woman would feel afterwards.”

This technique had to be applied with care and skill with the best quality products. Many years were spent testing products and learning different techniques from around the world. The challenge with eyelash extensions was that it was time-consuming.

The aim was to engineer tools of the trade to make this art easier and faster, “because a fast game is a fun game”. With the assistance of an engineering team, lash technicians, investors and BCC Business Mentors, the VC LASH Toolset was invented and is available to the lash trade.

“I’m super excited about being able to help other lash technicians or those that want to become one, enjoy the art of application as much as I do now.”

VC LASH LTD is currently working on many other unique innovative products and fixtures that can make the business of beauty more productive.